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The level of the program is adjusted to each student’s personal ambitions, talents and ability to practice. Those who have limited time for practicing go through the program at a slower pace, so that the quality is not compromised.

Ms. Bajon’s piano curriculum is based on classical music; however, her program includes popular and seasonal songs as well. Ms. Bajon introduces the basic knowledge of styles in music, architecture and visual arts. Gradually, as students make progress in playing the piano, they learn about styles in arts and various music periods.

Over the summer, older students are able to participate in field trips to Art Museums to learn how to critically assess oil paintings. Trips to the Ravinia Music Festival are also offered in the summer months to provide an opportunity to appreciate classical music.




Master Class and Recital

During the fall semester students participate in Master Classes on various topics including; the lives of famous composers, basic styles in music and architecture as well as discussions on how to practice efficiently.

In December there is a Christmas Carols Recital with stories, singing and playing.

Once a year, children participate in a Master Class in which they play for each other and learn to express their opinions by using musical terminology and positive criticism. The Master Class takes place about one week before the annual Grand Recital, which is performed on stage in a separate venue. Children play individual pieces as well as four-hand duets. An Award Ceremony follows the recital, and each child receives a diploma certifying the achievements.