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Media Room

Welcome to the media room. We have plans to include audio and video in the furture but for now click on any of the pictures below for a larger view.

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Preparation for a recital involves working on intricate details which transform a piece into a "masterpiece" Ability to focus is essential to successful public performance.


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Ms. Bajon playing for the students and audience at the recital. On a trip to Chicago Art Institute learning about Renaissance Art.
11 21
Attending a Baroque Music concert at Ravinia.


After Christmas caroling children learn about the history of a Christmas tree, gift giving and Christmas carols.
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No matter how old or how young, everyone enjoys Christmas Songs. 2011 Recital. Performance provides a great opportunity to face the public and build up self confidence.
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At Steinway Gallery in Northbrook students learn what the piano looks like inside and how it works. Well deserved diplomas crown two semesters of hard work.
recital 2  
2012 Recital. All students (ages eight to eighteen) play in a Recital at least once a year.  
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Each recital is an opportunity to face the public, show off skills and talent. Duet performance requires the highest degree of concentration and provide tremendous enjoyment.
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After an annual recital children are awarded with diplomas. Work well done.
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"Silver Bells", Liberty's favorite Christmas Son played at the Recital with the teacher. After three months of taking lessons six year old Ellie is playing with both hands at the Christmas Recital.