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Both of my sons have been taking lessons from Ms. Bajon for over three years now, and I can truly say that the instruction they have received is exceptional. Ms. Bajon stresses quality, not quantity and does not push children through a music book simply to move on to the next one. She takes the time to make sure that they really understand the material before moving on. Likewise, she stresses technique and teaches theory, rather than simply having children learn to play notes.

Not only is Ms. Bajon an excellent piano teacher, but she often discusses the time period from which a particular piece of music was written and incorporates art history into the lesson as well. Her studio is full of books on art, artists, and architecture that the children are encouraged to browse through while waiting for a lesson. Her studio is very warm and inviting yet has a serious, professional feel as well. Ms. Bajon is a very cultured, excellent teacher who really cares for her students; she goes above and beyond what would normally be expected. She has a real passion for music and for teaching, which shows in her commitment and love for her students.

Michelle C
Grayslake, IL


When my son told me that he wanted to take piano lessons, I thought that high school sophomore with eyes on Engineering should have other priorities. However, I felt that as a mother I should support my kid’s ambitions. Since I have heard good things about Ms. Bajon’s studio, I have decided to give it a try. My son went for his first lesson and it has literally changed our lives.

Ms. Bajon has discovered that Chris is talented and she is going above and beyond to nourish and develop his talent. One year after that first lesson, Chris is playing in a way that is beyond my comprehension. He is participating in recitals and people who know about classical music come to tell me how exceptionally good he is.

Without Ms. Bajon, my son’s talent would have been wasted. Ms. Bajon is not only an excellent teacher but she is also an accomplished pianist with Master’s degree from a prestigious university in Europe. She knows what to do with a student who is showing promise, regardless of his age.

Chris will soon start his senior year in high school and still wants to major in Engineering but achievements in classical piano will certainly look great on his college application. My family life has changed. Rather than listen to shouting and shooting in video games, I listen to my son playing music in a way that is touching my heart.

I am so grateful to Ms. Bajon for making it possible. She is incredible! She is persistent, she is patient and she has that unique flexibility that allows her to adjust her teaching strategies to her student’s potential. Being a high school teacher myself, I can appreciate how much she is doing for those kids.

If you have ever considered piano lessons for your child, do not hesitate anymore. Send him or her to Ms. Bajon.. She will make it happen for your kid!

Lidia K
Grayslake, IL


Our daughter started taking lessons with Ms. Bajon at the age of five. What a great environment for learning the studio provides! Our only regret is that we haven’t sent Monica to Bajon Piano Studio sooner, when she was only three !!!

Monica is an active child, full of energy and hard to control, especially when it comes to doing homework. We thought her problems with staying focused would never be resolved. Then, we read an article in a magazine about Ms Bajon’s French method of developing concentration skills while learning to play piano and we signed our daughter up for classes. It was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made! Monica’s abilities to focus started improving and now she is totally devoted to her studies. Her success is our pride and joy!

At Monica’s recital performance, people were impressed not only with her piano skills and technique but also how graceful and well mannered she was. Ms. Bajon teaches not only piano. In her studio, the kids learn how to greet each other, how to bow properly, how to express their opinions and verbalize the tasks they need to work on.

We read in an article that Ms. Bajon’s students are molded to become well rounded individuals and it’s truly the case. Our daughter learns about what’s best in music, fine arts and culture. It takes us an hour one way to bring Monica to Ms. Bajon’s studio every week but it’s worth it. We do it without hesitation because we know how hard it is to find the highest quality education for our kids at an affordable price.

Teresa and Jerry S
Des Plains, IL